The Story of a Flag


Graphic from History Daily, https://historydaily.org/us-flags

I read a novelization of Betsy Ross when I was a kid. It was biographical but read like a novel with dialogue and events happening as if you were living her life with her. You might be asking, “Who is Betsy Ross?” Betsy Ross is attributed as the designer of the American Flag.

At the time she designed her flag, America did not have fifty states hence why the flag has gone through several different designs. But the main thought and idea of it is still there. It might have been simplified for kids, but there was something in there that stayed with me. In that novelization, she said something that I still remember after all these years. I’ll have to paraphrase, but she said that a flag is the page of a history book.

Each flag tells a story of the country it represents. This has always made me wonder about the stories behind other flags. Why the straight, solid colors of Russia’s or France’s flags? Why all white with a big, red circle for Japan? Britain’s? I kind of have an idea for Mexico. And don’t get me started on the flags for each state (at least I know a little of the story for Minnesota’s). Maybe that is my writer’s side. Wanting to know the story.

This 4th of July, it makes me wonder, do you know the reasoning and the story our flag tells? While I won’t be able to tell it as well as others could, I can clue you in on some of the facts. The 13 red and white stripes represent the 13 colonies that first came to America. The white stars represent the current number of states (hence the change of this area through history). Today, there are fifty stars. I’ll let you investigate the color meaning. And while you’re at it, why not learn a little bit about Betsy Ross. If I remember correctly, she was interesting.




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