2020 Blog Project

Hello readers. So sorry for the lack of posting in December and most of January. The holidays took a lot of time away and then it just continued to slid by. I had wanted to talk about last year’s writing and reading habits (if you would still be interested in a post like that, drop a comment below) and then, with the new year, talk about plans for this year. Well, this post will talk about a big project I plan for this year (something I wanted to announce last month but, as stated, holidays).

With the start of this month, I will be releasing a novel in twelve parts (chapters) on this blog, from January to December. I’ve heard of others doing this before but was inspired to add an additional challenge from a writing challenge I did last year.

For about a year and a half now, I’ve been volunteering with Havok Publishing, first as an editor and now with the marketing department. Because so many who volunteer are also writers, we set up a writing challenge for those in house to try and write a story for each theme in each genre (I took a smaller challenge in only writing one story per theme in a one of Havok’s genres which would make it twelve stories in total.) I was two stories short of accomplishing it but it was fun. A story or two into the challenge, I started thinking how fun it would be to write a story where each story would flow into the next to make a cohesive whole. So, I decided I would do that this year with Havok’s 2020 themes. That is how this new blog story is going to work.

So, before much more, lets take a look at some of the guidelines:

  1. Each part will corispond with Havok’s monthly theme in the order that they appear (Part 1 with have a Dynamic Due, Part 2 will be Answering a call, etc).
  2. Because the story will be one whole story and will have to build a little more than a flash fiction piece, each section can be 2,000 words long.

Next, what are Havok’s themes this year?

  • January – Dynamic Duo
  • February – Answering the Call
  • March – Strange New Worlds
  • April – End of the World as We Know It
  • May – Super Duper
  • June – The One Thing

Each part of the story will emphasis these themes will also creating a whole and complete story. Now, you might be asking, “That’s only six themes. This is supposed to go the whole year. Where are the last six?”

Great question. And the answer is Havok hasn’t released the next six months of themes so I don’t know. Really, I don’t know completely know where the second half of the story is going to go (part of the challenge) but I have some ideas so getting those to work will be fun. The first half of this blog story is already written (NaNoWriMo 2019) and just need some editing which will be done as they are released.

Part of the prep work for this story, I also read How to Blog A Book by Nina Amir. While the book focused more on blogging a non-fiction book, there were some take aways that I’ll be using for this story. One of which is exclusive content. I hope to compile and self-publish this story when it is finished. So, while the main story will be on the blog, there will be additional content for the finished, published book that will expound upon and broaden the story and world.

I hope you come along on this journey with me this year and enjoy the story. Now, to tell you all what this story is about!

Woven Fate 1

A prophecy foretold a man with two colored eyes would destroy the kingdom. Tovi is the only one with different colored eyes which has caused him to run since he was ten. Hiding among a traveling troupe of performers, he performs archery tricks on his horse, trying to live a normal life. But prophesy is always looming and when it causes him to run again, he set out on a quest to see if he can re-stitch his fate and out run those who hunt him for the person he may become. But can change the future or is he destined to become the man who doesn’t want to be?

I’m really excited for this story and I plan on publishing a prologue tomorrow to set the story and then Part 1 on Sunday the 26th. Stay tuned here and on Facebook to here about progress and new parts as they release!

Questions? Thoughts? Drop a comment and let me know what you think of the upcoming blog story, Woven Fate!