A Writer’s Bookshelf


Just as pen and paper is important to a writer, so are the resources they use. A great way to hone your craft is through writing resource books. This is one of my favorites.

This is one of the first (if not the first) book I read on writing fiction. Loved it. Engaging yet knowledgeable. This book gave me a great appreciation for Jeff Gerke‘s writing. He also started and ran Marcher Lord Press (now Enclave and ran by Steve Laube) which publishes some of the top Christian speculative fiction. Check them out sometime.

This book covers all topics of writing. Showing vs. telling (this was a really clarifying chapter), characters, POV (point of view), and so much more. It even goes into why you want to write. I remember loving this part and really made you think about why you write. What is the motivation behind it and what does that mean. In fact, glancing back through the chapters now, I am thinking about rereading this book soon.

For being a writing book for writing¬†Christian¬†fiction, I remember think there wasn’t a lot about Christianity in it. Where it mostly comes up is in the motivation of your writing and whether or not to use profanity in your writing and how creepy you should get. But, the examples it gives on how to get the point across without full out swearing or being gory, was spot on and insightful.

A great resource to have on your shelf to strengthen your writing and grow in your skill.