Writing Books

Writing books are great resources to learn your craft or explore something new. Here are some of Rachel’s favorites. Click the links to find them on Amazon.

18136582Outlining Your Novel

An outline is a map of the journey your writing is planning to take. Yet, unlike old high school papers, your novel’s outline will need to cover it world, locations, and characters as well as the events that will happen. But don’t be fooled, changes and detours will happen no matter how well it is planned.

Check out the workbook accompaniment to this book.

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6490979The Art and Craft of Writing Christian Fiction

Jeff Gerke takes readers through beginning steps of becoming a writer. Showing vs. telling, theme, plot, and other important aspects of writing is covered in this book. For Christians, a few helpful suggestions are contained within concerning profanity and your motivation to write.

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17295445Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction

All novels require characters, themes, and locations, but the fantasy and sci-fi genres are created from the author’s imagination. This book teaches a lot of similar lessons to most writing books but caters it to this genre special storytelling techniques. With advise form some of the top fantasy, sci-fi, and steam-punk writers as well as  Writer’s Digest authors, this book will help those interested in the genre and provides terms and definitions for medieval society and life.

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