Short Stories

Anthology Contributions

Havok Season 2: Stories that Sing



Nadi needs to escape her planet but can she leave her home and people behind?

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2019 Halloween Short Story Challenge

Halloween Cover

A Moonlit Rose

When the moon is full, Aiden is transformed and what he may loose all he loves in one moment.

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Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales

41734549The Witch’s Cat

The village witch and her black cat have two lovers in their sights an a Friday the 13th.

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Space Kitties 2


Star Hopper Engineer

When The Jules Vern is damaged in space, it might be the smallest, and most useless crewman, Pyxis, who can save them.

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2019 Untold Picture Contest

UPC 25 Rachel HarrisThe Defeat of Raven’s Swamp 

“When you bargain with the Black Knight, you’re trading your soul.”

Produced as an audio drama. Listen to it here.

Winner of the Untold Picture Contest.